With Simon Drake after visiting his House of Magic back in 2009!

What a fantastic week of magic. Noel Britten did a wonderful job organising an amazing line-up of quality magic and variety acts.

The highlight for me was seeing Simon Drake perform his dancing cane - one of the most beautiful pieces of magic you'll ever see. I still believe his show at the House of Magic is one of the best in the world - I can't recommend it highly enough. If you like magic, GO!

Jeff McBride performed his phenomenal mask act which has taken him all over the world. Jeff was also awarded the prestigious David Berglas International Magic Award. Past recipients include Derren Brown, David Copperfield and Juan Tamariz. Well deserved for all he has done teaching and inspiring others.


Jeff McBride.


Ian D Montfort.

Juan Tamariz is a magical legend. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to his one man show, as I was working backstage at the convention, however it was amazing to be in his presence at his lecture which was full of secrets of how to turn magic tricks into miracles, something Tamariz does effortlessly.

Morgan & West, the 'Time Travelling Victorian Magic Duo' were incredible, as was Chris Cox the 'Mind Reader Who Can't Read Minds' - it was refreshing to see a quality mind reader who isn't a Derren Brown clone! Both shows were extremely creative, full of strong magic, but most importantly, thoroughly entertaining.

Ian D Montfort, the 'Sunderland Psychic' was brilliant. A spoof of the horrendous mediums who 'see through to the other side', Ian was hilarious and scarily accurate at times!

Arthur Benjamin did the impossible - made maths entertaining! If you want to see him in action, here's his TED Talk.

Ouka, from Japan, closed the gala show with his ring act (below). Not a magician, but it was one of the most magical acts I've ever seen.