It's almost Christmas and the annual UCL Psychology Department celebrations were a fantastic end to the term! The theme of this year's show was Psychovision, with lecturers and students taking turns to add a psychological twist some well known tunes!

I've performed in the show for the last 3 years, and it is a special one for me as it was one of the first ever shows in which I spoke in front of a large audience. It may not sound like much, but it was a scary step and one I'm extremely pleased to have taken, back in my first year at uni. Every year I received an amazing reception, had an incredible time and, as this is my last year, I will definitely miss it.

It's become quite a tradition that the show opens with a parody video featuring many of the lecturers and staff, some less out of character than others! This year was no exception and I even made an appearance in it with a few of my friends :)

Check out the video below, starring John Draper (the one in the red shirt!) who hosts the show and is the mastermind who puts everything together!


With John and my assistants!

Getting ready for the explosion!