Last month I was in Blackpool for the World Championships of Magic, organised by FISM (The Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques - International Federation of Magic Societies). Taking place just once every 3 years, it is the equivalent of the magic Olympics!

The quality of the competition was extraordinary, with some of the best magic I've ever seen.

I was most interested in the stage competition, in which there were a few stand-out performances. My favourites were Marko Karvo, one of the best dove magicians, Yu Ho Jin, the best manipulator I have ever seen, and Prince of Illusions, the first illusion act who could give Copperfield a run for his money! The judges seemed to agree with me! Full list of results here.

Here they are:

Marko Karvo
1st Place General Magic

Yu Ho Jin
1st Place Manipulation & Grand Prix Winner

Prince of Illusions
1st Place Stage Illusions

I also got to see Yann Frisch perform his close-up act, which is becoming quite a sensation. His take on the cups and balls is so unique and unusual, it is almost impossible to describe. Below is a clip of his act, although he usually performs it without music, which I prefer.


Yann Frisch
1st Place Parlour & Grand Prix Winner


Away from the magic, I went to Blackpool Tower. The famous ballroom is stunning and the Circus was fantastic - I highly recommend it if you're ever nearby!


Seeing some of the best magicians in the world has given me a huge amount of inspiration for the future. I can't wait for FISM 2015 in Italy!