David Blaine hasn't had the best reputation in the UK since he decided to live in a glass box above Tower Bridge for 44 days back in 2003. However, he is a great magician and I still remember being inspired by his first TV show, Street Magic in the late 90s. It featured incredible magic presented in a new way - simple and strong, focussing on the audience's reactions. He's just returned to TV, pushing magic forward once more and reminding us why he became a house-hold name.

To Blaine, anything physically impossible is magic, hence some of his stranger high profile stunts. From being buried alive for a week to living in a block of ice, or even holding his breath for 17 minutes. This rare public talk is an amazing insight into Blaine's philosophy of magic and the lengths he's willing to go to do something others say is impossible.

Blaine's new TV shows are closer to the style of his very first specials. In Real or Magic, Blaine returns to performing innovative, powerful magic - or is it real?! Don't forget this isn't your average magician, so expect one or two strange surprises too...! At the end of his most recent special Beyond Magic (trailer below), which aired last week, there is a teaser of a world tour. I'll be first in line to buy my tickets! Search on youtube to see the TV shows in full.


It's a joy to see David Blaine back on TV, reminding us of what a truly fantastic magician he is.