Very excited to be involved in this brand new show, featuring some of the best magicians in the country, and me!

I'll be touring with the show across the UK, performing my full dove act and some of my new magic.

The tour kicks off this week in Reading and York, with dates through to Spring 2016. See here for full list of dates!

The reviews are in! Here's what The TakeOver Times, York had to say:

"Edward Hilsum was the first magician to take to the stage. A small man with lightning-quick fingers, a blue suit, flamingo pink scarves, 5 doves, 1 rose, and a fantastically mischievous smile which would have made the Cheshire Cat jealous; he truly encompassed the enigma of a traditional magician. By starting the night he eased us into the world of magic with the well-known acts of his craft - his character shining through his gesticulation. Hilsum is considered one of the UK's fastest rising young magicians, and it was good to see that the old methods still have their charm."

It's all true except for the small bit...

I spoke to Mike Read on BBC Radio Berkshire about my magic and the upcoming shows... hear it here! (Skip to 2 hours 6 mins - you may need to open the pop-out player to fast-forward.)