With Simon and the House of Magic Team!

It's been an amazing year! I graduated from Uni, spent the Summer touring Belarus, started a variety show (which continues next month) and have begun a UK tour with Champions of Magic!

Earlier this month I returned to UCL to perform at the Psychology Christmas party. It was lovely to be back, as performing in this show was always a highlight throughout my time there, however, after 3 years with no drama, I managed to set off the fire alarm and get the building evacuated right at the beginning of my set... I can laugh now but it wasn't fun at the time! Luckily the audience forgave me :)

I've also just joined the team at Simon Drake's House of Magic. So much more than a magic show, I fell in love with it almost 5 years ago when I first visited, and to now be involved is incredible!


Festive greetings from my little stars!


Hope you've had a great year and wishing you all the best for 2014 :)