My 2 months in Belarus is coming to an end, but there's one question which people keep asking me: "Why Belarus?" Both locals and friends back home seemed surprised that I was here! So I'm going to try and answer that now! Before I came to Belarus, I had never performed an entire show myself. It has been incredible to do my own show for the first time and to see it grow with every performance.

There are a few final performances this week, although most of you reading this won't be able to get to Belarus before I leave, so here's a taster! I'll be performing parts of the show around the UK over the coming months. More on that soon...

As well as the opportunity to perform, there were many other moments which stand out, none of which would have happened had I not been in Belarus and surrounded by great people. One in particular was being able to help organise the first ever Belarus Magic Conference! Also featuring artists from Russia and Ukraine, it was amazing to bring the Belarusian magic community together and an absolute pleasure to meet so many new magicians! I gave a new talk about stage performance and was very happy with the reception it received :)

Full photo album from the day here.

The day was featured on one of the top Belarusian TV News shows! See the clip here! I was also interviewed and performed one of my newest routines in the studio.

Magic Minsk!

Interview and performance of 'Sand' in the OHT studio.

Another highlight was performing at a Youth Festival in Zaslavl as part of an open air concert. It was the most amazing reception I've ever received. As I left the stage, the audience went crazy and started chanting my first ever encore!!


Zaslavl Performance.


Charity performances were also a key part of my time in Belarus. We visited a number of disabled homes and met so many wonderful people. Below are a couple of photos from the Tarasiki home.

Finally, I must say a massive thank you to everyone at Blue Sky. None of this would have happened if it wasn't for a few amazing people. Jun, who I met on a train to Blackpool (yes, really!), thank you for believing in me and turning dreams into reality. Maria, the best manager anyone could hope to have, thank you for all your hard work and support. Margarita, thank you for teaching me many Russian words, none of which I can say in public. Andrey, thank you for always setting the stage perfectly and for dealing with my nerves backstage before every show! Stephania, thank you for always smiling and being the best assistant and MC ever! это факт ;) Thank you to all the volunteers (Polina, Nikita and many others) who have helped so much along the way. I will miss you all.

The entire team has done so much for me during my time here, including building a brand new stage for the show, organising and promoting all the events, taking care of all the logistics, tech during the shows...the list goes on!! But most importantly they've all become close friends and I know they will continue to make a difference in Belarus, by providing the dream start for new artists whilst also helping less fortunate communities.

Jun, Polina, Maria, Edward & Margarita.

Polina, Edward, Nikita & Stephania.

I'll leave you with the newest member of the Blue Sky Team - Bam Bam :)