Three years ago, I spent my summer in Belarus. I worked with an amazing team which led to some fantastic opportunities, from putting together my first full show, helping some incredible charities and ending up on national TV!

Earlier this month, I returned for a week. In my first day of this trip, I had a show in a zoo, a performance in a private area of a McDonald's and one final show in a brewery! Accompanied with a translator to help with my Russian and a full team of support, it was so much fun.

Performance at Druzya Brewery.

Performance at Druzya Brewery.

McDonald's Party!

Another highlight of this crazy week was performing in a concert with Belarusian Pop Star Ivan Buslay at Grozovskom Boarding House. It was a pleasure to meet Ivan and to see the residents dancing away to the traditional Russian songs. I think they enjoyed the magic too :)

Some of the team: Andrey, Sergey. Edward, Evgenia & Alexander.

Ivan & Edward at Grozovskom Boarding House.

Towards the end of my visit, Sergey who organised some of the charity performances casually asked (via a translator) whether I'd like to go parachuting. I said yes, thinking it was more of a joke... next thing I know, we're driving about an hour out of Minsk to an airfield and my parachute is being packed! Watch me jump out of a plane...!!

Post-jump with Kirill!

Once again... Sorry Mum!