After a short stay in Munich, the next stop was Hamburg (via a quick detour to a small town called Essen to see the one and only Hans Klok perform!).

Hamburg is home to the beautiful Hansa Theatre. Founded in 1894, so many legends have played at the Hansa, including Houdini and Siegfried & Roy! Not to forget the wonderful Hansa Band, who provide live accompaniment for the acts which makes such a difference.

Packed full of phenomenal performers from all over the world, the stars of the show I saw there were Alex & Barti. I'm a huge fan of marionettes and have seen it done well before, but Barti is the most amazing little puppet - although calling him a puppet doesn't seem to do him justice! Alex has added a new string (creating a new movement) every year since 1988, allowing Barti to have incredibly complex movements and really express his emotions. He's simply alive!! Here's a taster!

The main reason for travelling to Hamburg was to see the Ehrlich Brothers. The biggest scale magic show I've ever been to, they play huge arenas all over Germany and Europe. Their show features some truly groundbreaking magic and it was incredible to see them live. If you've never heard of the Ehrlich Brothers, watch this now!

I love Germany!!!

Bit excited to see the Ehrlich Brothers...