I'm often asked "when are you going to be on TV?"...

I love performing live and I really believe that's where magic is at its best. There has been some fantastic magic on TV recently, however TV magic is often very different to the sorts of things you're able to do in a live show... the sort of magic I love.

When I was in Belarus last year, I was invited onto a big show on the national tv channel. At first, I was against it, due to some bad experiences in the past, but I was assured that this channel was really keen to shoot the magic positively. Also, the Blue Sky team who were organising the tour felt that it would be great publicity for our shows, so I went for it!

I was extremely nervous! After much thought, I decided it would be best to perform one of my visual pieces, as my Russian isn't that great... Looking back, it probably wasn't the smartest decision to choose the newest routine I'd only just put in the show, especially as I was told there would only be time for one take. It was a risk, but I knew if it was a disaster, no one back home would be able to find it!! It turned out to be a great experience and I was really happy with the result.

So... here it is! Sand:


You can see me performing this live along with some of my other favourites in the Champions of Magic show, which I'm back on tour with this Autumn.