Schuhbeck’s Teatro.


With Marko Karvo in Munich, January 2016.

What an adventure!

Three years ago I travelled to Munich to watch a variety show. But this was not just your average show. A taxi ride to the what felt like the middle of nowhere took us to ‘Schuhbeck’s Teatro’; a stunning, intimate spiegeltent seating 2-300 people. The candles are lit, fine food is served and the show begins. The reason I was there? Two words: Marko Karvo. Those who know me know all about Marko! For those that don’t know who he is, Marko’s a magician who performs the style of magic I love the most, and he’s simply the best.

You can read more about what that evening three years ago meant to me here.

Since then I’ve seen Marko perform in many places, and when I heard he was returning to ‘Schubeck’s Teatro’, me and my good friend Richard booked our flights! It was amazing to see Marko perform on that stage once again and such a joy to spend time with Marko and his family. Before the audience arrived for the show, Marko sat us down in theatre. It was just the three of us and we were soon joined by his two parrots, which then took turns flying in circles over our heads and the empty seats, before flying back to Marko. It was a truly unforgettable experience.

As if that wasn’t enough, after the show I got to meet Zora and Carmen! These beautiful birds have inspired me more than most people! When they first flew over my head 8 years ago at the London Palladium, it forever changed what magic means to me. If you had told me then that one day I would meet them, let alone get to know Marko, I would have thought you’re crazy... Still pinching myself!

Back to reality, there’s a new addition to my family! Introducing… Anthony :)


I was interviewed recently for ‘The Insider’ podcast and I was asked about my thoughts on working with animals in magic. You can listen here.